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Like all women, you wonder at some point how to choose the handbag that will suit you best for your daily use. In terms of women's bags, there are so many choices, and with prices that can soar so quickly, that it is sometimes difficult to navigate and make the right choice.

Although it is not at all necessary to spend several hundred euros on a designer handbag, the first question to ask yourself is whether the purchase of this new bag is more of a fashion accessory or On the contrary, a practical object?

Of course, most women want a mix of fashion, comfort and functionality. We have therefore prepared for you below the top 6 questions to ask yourself to choose the handbag that will suit you best.

#1 Choosing the material for your bag

In the world of leather goods, you can choose between a genuine leather bag or rather a synthetic leather bag, made from an artificial substitute for animal leather. Many people today defend the animal cause and refuse to wear genuine leather items, since they require having to kill the animal to extract its skin. Depending on your values ​​and your beliefs on this subject, it is therefore appropriate to ask yourself this first question.

women's leather bag

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What we can tell you for sure is that genuine leather is rather very heavy to carry, even when your bag is empty. If you are someone who walks a lot and you prefer a bag that is not heavy to carry, then we advise you to simply avoid choosing genuine leather as the material for your handbag.

Similar to animal leather and while having the advantage of being lighter to carry, synthetic leather bags, called imitation leather or polyurethane leather, are a very good choice. Great progress has been made in recent years in these types of synthetic leather, particularly for their uses in the manufacture of armchairs and sofas, to the point where it sometimes becomes difficult to tell the difference from real leather. Today you can find very good quality polyurethane leather handbags, and this is the choice we recommend if you want a leather bag that is not heavy to carry.

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Also other more exotic materials such as straw, wicker, rattan or even bamboo are light and allow you to have a handbag as heavy as a feather. In general, choosing a bag in these light materials is preferred for sunny days to avoid the burden of carrying a heavy bag during hot weather.

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#2 Purpose of your handbag

Take a few moments to think about your lifestyle and how your handbag accompanies you in your daily life. If you don't need to walk far, driving to work for example, you don't necessarily need your handbag to be absolutely lightweight. On the contrary, if your daily life requires you to often move on foot, such as frequently using public transport, it is then preferable for you that your bag is the most comfortable to carry, favoring a solid closure in order to avoid that Malicious hands come and unknowingly rummage through your bag when you find yourself in rush hour.

Other women will be led to take more care of the organization of their home and to spend a certain part of their time in stores to do shopping, dress the children, or even to decorate and furnish their interior. . For all these moments, we advise you to opt for a Shoulder Bag that you carry cross-body, because it is much more practical and comfortable for this type of activity to have a bag that leaves your hands free.

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Also, the quantity of business what you need to carry with you is a determining factor in choosing your handbag. If you are not carrying a large number of items with you, then a smaller sized bag is preferable. Conversely, if you work for example in a company and you need to transport a laptop and current files, then a large Shoulder Bag is the wisest choice for you.

#3 What shape or size of handbag?

Without paying more attention to fashion trends, many women will choose a handbag that corresponds above all to their body shape as well as their lifestyle. If your daily clothing style is rather formal, we advise you to opt for a structured, good quality handbag, which will perfectly match your outfit. If, on the contrary, your clothing style is closer to streetwear fashion, then the choice of a soft and unstructured handbag will be what will best accompany your outfit.

Also, there are certain rules to follow when choosing a handbag to be sure that it perfectly matches your body shape. Small women should rather favor small and medium-sized handbags at the risk of appearing even smaller with an oversized bag.

Otherwise, tall women or those with a large body should not opt ​​for a small bag, which would give them the appearance of being even larger than they are. The rule that we advise you to follow is to choose your handbag with a shape that happens to be completely opposite to your body shape. For example, if you are a petite woman with curves, choose a structured bag with straight lines. If, on the contrary, you have a slim figure, the choice of a round handbag will give you seemingly more curves.

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#4 Backpack or shoulder bag?

For several years now, women have increasingly appreciated using a backpack to carry their belongings with them. If you haven't yet taken the plunge of wearing a backpack instead of a handbag, it's never too late to try. The main advantage of using a backpack rather than another type of women's bag is that it prevents you from all kinds of muscle damage when all the weight of your bag is on one shoulder. The women's backpack is particularly an excellent everyday handbag if you use public transport or if you frequent places crowded with people, because you can carry it comfortably in front of you against your chest, and thus avoid malicious hands that would want to search inside your bag. Also, using a backpack allows you to comfortably carry heavy and bulky objects such as a laptop, a bottle of water, current office files, a thick book, etc.

women's canvas bag worn on the shoulder and back

If you are one of those with a dynamic daily life and who would like to change bags frequently to adapt to each changing situation, then we advise you to choose a versatile bag with handles and straps in order to carry it as often as you like. shoulder than like a backpack.

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THE Shoulder Bag which has been a great success among women for a long time, also allows you to have your hands free like the backpack. One of the great advantages of shoulder bags is that you can adjust the length of the strap as you wish, depending on the effect you want to achieve or if you want your figure to be highlighted in a flattering way. For example, you can draw attention to small hips with your shoulder bag hanging close to your hips. If you have wide hips, shortening the length of the strap so that your bag sits closer to your waist is what will attract attention further away from your hips.

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#5 Compartments are essential

One of the (very) important elements for many women in their decision to buy a new everyday handbag is the storage it has. Indeed, having different pockets and separate compartments to organize your belongings is a real asset for feeling efficient on a daily basis.

Being able to quickly find what you are looking for in your handbag (keys, smartphone, wallet, lipstick, transport card, bank card case, entry badge, headphones, handkerchief, etc.), without having to looking for it among a host of other things is a real gain in comfort.

Having a bag with all our belongings correctly stored in specific places is also what the majority of women are looking for when using their handbag, since this particularly avoids stress, annoyance and the feeling of loss of time.

#6 Best Handbag Colors

A color that is easiest to wear with your everyday outfits is obviously black, because black is the color that goes with everything. In addition, if you tend to wear colors often, it is then more judicious to follow the few recommendations that follow to avoid errors in clothing taste.

If you prefer colors such as beige, cream, brown, taupe, dark red, orange, or even the palette of earthy tones, then your outfits will be correctly highlighted with a handbag in dark red-orange or burgundy tones .

If you often dress in blue jeans, then a dark blue or dark green bag will add a nice trendy touch to the finish of your outfits.

Also, know that green, beige, teal and metallic tones are handbag colors that go easily with any color of clothing, for all seasons of the year.

In summary, to choose the best handbag, you must think about the comfort you will have when you wear it, its functionality and practicality, its style and the finish it will bring to your outfit, as well as its format taking into account our recommendations above depending on your body shape.

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