Properly accessorizing your outfits to show off even more can sometimes be an obstacle course depending on your body type. Depending on your size, for example, the best practices for orienting your body shape to your advantage and thus avoiding errors in taste are not the same if you are a small woman or, on the contrary, if you are more of a tall woman. .

Focus on the best handbags for petite women

That's why we've put together this guide, which will help you find the best handbags for petite women , and make it easier for you the next time you're thinking about which bag you should wear for the next day. match your outfit.

Proportionality: the safe bet for choosing your bag?

When it comes to choosing the best handbags for petite women, size plays an important role in determining whether or not they are suitable for a petite person. The key idea here is that a short woman should carry bags proportional to her height , i.e. small to medium sized bags.

Whether you're a corporate executive or an art director, there are many benefits to carrying a large bag that can hold everything. We all need space in our bag to hold our planner, smartphone, wallet, keys, lipsticks and compact, to name a few.

While large bags are very useful, they are not the best fashion choice for a petite woman. Large bags can overshadow the person carrying them. If a petite woman is carrying a gigantic tote bag, she can look like she's struggling.

For a petite woman, it is important to choose bags that fit her size . This doesn't necessarily mean that everyone has to make do with a small handbag or clutch to go to work, as this isn't feasible for our busy professional lives. A medium-sized handbag is universally suitable for petite girls, regardless of their body shape .

We're also not saying that a smaller bag is always better for a petite woman, because not all petite girls are tiny and skinny. If you're a short, curvy woman, carrying a small handbag can actually make you look even taller and disproportionate. The main thing is therefore that the size of the bag is in balance with the overall size of the body of a petite woman .

Carry your bag the right way

Even if you have the best handbags for petite women, did you know that the way you carry your bag makes a big difference? This is because a handbag adds volume to the part of the body closest to the bag, thereby drawing people's attention to that area.

For a short woman, it is advisable to always draw people's attention to your face and not lower. It is on this principle that we recommend that you carry your handbag as high as possible, if you consider yourself a short woman. Carrying a medium -sized tote over your shoulder is also a smart choice for a petite woman . Another good choice is chain bags , which are very flattering on little girls and whose medium size can still hold a lot of things.

The important thing is to choose the right length for the chain, so that it does not go below your hip. Otherwise, it will draw people's attention down and make you appear smaller than you are. No need to re-invent the wheel, this principle obviously applies to all types of shoulder bags you wear. Finally, small to medium sized backpacks are also a good choice. They free your hands and are very easy to wear, with the advantage for a petite woman that they will not draw people's attention to your waist.

Choose the shape of your bag carefully

Today we have a lot of choices when it comes to handbags, and they come in all shapes! For a petite woman, choosing the right shape is essential. Let's now see the most common types and shapes of bags that a petite woman should favor to orient her body shape to her advantage .

# Pouch

Small handbag, most often used for evenings or meetings. It contains the bare minimum. In general, small clutches are suitable for a small woman who is rather slim. As we mentioned above, a petite woman with harmonious curves will look disproportionate with a small clutch.

# Shoulder Bag

Small to medium sized, long handle bag that can be worn over one shoulder or across the body for hands-free convenience. While most shoulder bags are small, some models are large enough to overwhelm a petite woman. Because the shoulder bag creates a horizontal line across us, we need to be very careful about the size and a short woman is advised to opt for a small sized shoulder bag .

To meet the criteria for the best handbags for petite women, the strap should be adjustable to ensure that your bag won't hang too low and make you look smaller!

# Hobo

Medium or large shoulder bag, sometimes rounded, with short handles, and worn under the arm. Depending on the size, a hobo may fit a petite woman if it is not too big.

# Handbag

Large bag with a short, structured handle that gives a more fitted and formal look. While a structured handbag is flattering on petite girls , a petite woman should pay attention to her size. A large handbag can feel like you're carrying a suitcase if it's unbalanced relative to your height.

# Tote bag

It is a large bag, originally always made of fabric, with two handles, and completely without a pocket. The tote bag is made for carrying objects, especially for shopping or traveling.

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